Last updated on February 27th, 2022 at 10:31 am

Harish Sanjay Nemade

Who is Harish Nemade?

Harish Sanjay Nemade is a Digital Marketer since 18 and has experience in Market research since April 2018 also he has Completed over 5+ Internships in Digital Marketing.

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Digital Marketing is an unending process that defines how much companies can survive in the Online World.

-Harish Nemade

Why only Harish Nemade for Digital or Online Marketing tips for you? Because:

  1. I am a Certified Digital Marketer from EduPristine X The Digital Marketing Association (UK). Checkout My Achievements!
  2. I had completed over 5+ Internships in market research & digital marketing.
  3. I entered in Marketing career since April 2018. It allows me to guide you better in marketing 🙂

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