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Hello, My name is Harish Nemade. I’m a Digital Marketer since April 2018.
And completed over 7 Internships in Market research & Social Media Marketing. I’m also a Blogger and blog about digital marketing.

Experience of 1 year of digital marketing allows me to grow your business Online.

Trust Issues? Don’t worry, Below are my Valid & Licensed Certifications from various sources 😉

Internships Certifications:

(Only Internship Certifications are issued by Futwork and Partner Companies)

1. Parkingwala:


2. Photrend Photography:

Photrend Photography

3. Frienden Management Services Pvt. Ltd:

Frienden Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

4. Eventor:


5. Its YourSpace:

Its YourSpace

6. Redwhale Wireless Pvt. Ltd.:

Redwhale Wireless Pvt. Ltd.

7. Frapp X Bolo – Student Ambassador:

Frapp X Bolo - Student Ambassador

Training Certifications:

1. InternTheory:


2. EduPristine X The Digital Marketing Association (UK):

Digital Marketing Master Program (DMMP)
Original & Licensed Certificate.
License No.: EPDM160304

3. Yoast SEO for beginners:

Yoast SEO for beginners

4. SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam:

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Exam

5. Yoast WordPress for beginners:

Yoast WordPress for Beginners

6. Google My Business Basics (Skillshop):

Google My Business Basics
Skillshop is a Google training platform.

7. Yoast-all around SEO:

Yoast All-round SEO

8. SEMrush Keyword Research Exam:

Keyword Research Exam

9. SEMrush SEO Fundamentals Exam:

SEO Fundamentals Exam

10. Online Business Organization X Digital Marketer:

Customer Value Optimization Specialist

11. Search Marketing Specialist:

Search Marketing Specialist

Above are some of my achievements since April 2018.

I know you might wonder, Hey why did you upload so much of Images? Well, the truth is we won’t believe in any builder and lend our money right? We will first think about whether he’s trustworthy or not looking at his Projects completed successfully.

That’s what I did! I shared my achievements with you all as proof of a Digital marketer.

In today’s world surviving business in an online world is a bit difficult.

For that reason, I will soon start my Digital Services to help small startups to grow Online and build brand image.

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