What is WordPress and its use?

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Last updated on July 8th, 2020 at 10:26 am

In this article, I (Harish) will share with you exactly ‘What is WordPress and its use?’.


Since at the very beginning era of Websites the Companies used to hire Developers and they used to write Coded Script in order to form make Webpages and add Blog posts and if any single piece of Symbol is missing the Whole Script gets messed up. And re-arranging was a frustrating task. Not only due to this Issue but also a lot of other reasons WordPress came into matter.

WordPress designed by Matthew Charles “Matt” Mullenweg (born January 11, 1984) who is an American online social media entrepreneur and web developer living in San Francisco. He is best known for developing the free and open-source web software WordPress, now managed by The WordPress Foundation. 


It is a ‘Content Management System’ (CMS) which allows you to manage, add content and whether you want Simple or Complex website you can set up your Site with EASE. 

This CMS is used by approximately 33% of the whole world. That means out of all other CMS such as Magento, Prestashop, Drupal but WordPress consumes 33% of the Web.

The software allows you to edit your Website very easily without any requirement of a Developer/Coder for your Site. 

It also lets you add anything to your Site quickly with easy Customisation and Make your Site Flexible. 

This CMSis a Software Created by a Wordpress Web Developers with Enthusiasm for Building a Blog or Business Website. 

Itis an Open Source Community that allows other Creative Web Developers to Contribute to their Software to make it more Awesome. 

Say for example Our Parents, Teachers, Professors guide Childrens or Youngsters to build their Career/Profession very Smart and Innovative to build their skills and improve our Life, In the same manner, This CMS allows you to build your Site without any Worries and can be Customized very Quickly and Easily.

But this CMS has 2 Versions: 
1. WordPress.com 
2. WordPress.org 

Differentiation between WordPress.com & WordPress.org


This is NOT A FREE SOFTWARE, they let you create your Business Site/Blog within wordpress.com and If you want to add a lot of things they may also tell you to Upgrade your Site by buying one of their Package.
Suppose you decided to Build your Brand new Real Estate online site under WordPress.com then at the starting you will feel great working on it.
But as you went on increasing your Site exposure to people, ‘.com’ will say “Hey, if you want to remove our Watermark then you have to Upgrade to so & so plan” or “Hey, Upgrade your plan for just so and so amount”

In short, we came to the conclusion that ‘.com’ is a Paid version of CMS and Always it’ll be.
You can check their pricing plans here


As we understood ‘.com’ now we will look into ‘org.

.org is a FREE CMS software.
The last .org top-level domain itself says that it’s an Organization.
So, ‘org’ is a FREE Software which you can easily Download from here, but wait
As it is free software the sole soft cannot create your site. In order to run that FREE soft you have to Buy Domain and WordPress hosting. Once you’ve purchased your domain and Hosting you are ready to go and Start Building and can Customize your website as you want. Creating your website with Domain and hosting becomes more Efficient, as it allows us to check out more features.

I know, you’re probably thinking then what’s the difference between .com and .org.
See not everything is free in this World, if you want to really want to access all features utmost, then you should go for ‘.org’ because it offers way more to explore than just to Burn money… 🙂

Benefits of .org v/s .com


  1. Jetpack Essential Features
  2. Pre‑Installed SSL Certificate
  3. Free Domain for One Year
  4. Email & Live Chat Support
  5. Storage Space (13gb for Freelancers & 200gb for Ecommerce Websites)
  6. Dozens of Free Themes
  7. Unlimited Premium Themes
  8. Advanced Design Customization
  9. Remove WordPress.com Ads
  10. Recurring Payments
  11. Simple Payments
  12. WordAds
  13. Advanced Social Media
  14. VideoPress Support
  15. Google Analytics Integration
  16. SEO Tools
  17. Get Personalized Help
  18. Install Plugins
  19. Upload Themes
  20. Remove WordPress.com Branding (For Business & eCommerce Sites)
  21. Accept Payments in 60+ Countries
  22. Unlimited Products or Services
  23. eCommerce Marketing Tools
  24. Premium Customizable Starter Themes (For eCommerce sites)

Click here for more information about Pricing plans of .com

As in .com it is a Self-hosted platform that means you don’t have to worry about your Website issues because .com provides much Tighter Security than .org.
Also, in .com when you don’t have to worry about any risk factor, such as Data loss, Privacy Theft. Because the website data is handled by their .com team securely and can explore more for your building Website (if purchased a package).

‘.org’ (My Preferred one)

As the TLD (Top level domain) itself says that it’s an ‘Organization’.
Since it’s an Organization open for all Developers to contribute to the Whole Software for New features, it is only a FREE software.

But, for running this sole software into a Website you will Require a ‘Domain and Hosting’.

For eg: To build a whole Building we need a Medium-sized area, so same can be applied here also ‘For Running .org we will need a Domain and Hosting’

Now, the Benefits of .org will totally depend upon your ‘Hosting Provider’. If the Hosting provider is selling top-notch service for a Good price you should go for it. Choosing the Best Hosting provider also means a lot.

Benefits of .org:
1. FREE access to tons of plugins
2. FREE access to tons of Themes

Now, you might be thinking, ‘Why there are so less Benefits of .org?’
Actually, it’s not. Again, The extra services such as ‘Backups, Site Builder, Drag and Drop Blocks, CDN (Content Delivery Network), SSL certificate, Website/business Email accounts, Redirects Manager, My SQL, PHP manger, and a lot more…depends on how much your Hosting provider offers you such Services…

You can also Explore as many as plugins (Only required ones) as you want. Make sure that you don’t install unnecessary plugins like apps on your smartphone.

For eg: This Website is hosted on Siteground. Why I chose Siteground because I heard a lot many Great Reviews of siteground and I too checked their 24/7 support chat. That’s Amazing.
So, if your hosting provider is Great you need not worry at all.

That’s all for this Guide. Hope you enjoyed my Guide.
Any questions? Comment Below 😉

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