Learn FREE Digital Marketing

Learn Free Digital Marketing

Last updated on July 19th, 2020 at 08:54 am

Hello Guys, my name is Harish. And today you’ll know the FREE sources to Learn digital marketing for free!
So, Let’s dive into the article without wasting any time 🙂

Back in March 2018, I started taking Interest in Digital marketing when I was in my XIth Class. I did a bit of research regarding ‘What is Digital marketing?’ and how it works. So, basically I read a lot about ‘How students can enter into a Marketing field?’, ‘From where should he/she should kick start his career in Digital marketing?’ and each and every variety of questions for the same.

So, now let me guide you on ‘How to start Learning free digital marketing?‘:

1. Read Articles:

The first step to digital marketing is to read a ton of articles. Read a lot of information regarding ‘Marketing, Digital Marketing, How it’s planned, How the company Executes a Digital Strategy, What are types of digital marketing?’, reading and understanding solves half of your learning, it also allows you to improve your vocabulary. Reading tons of articles enables you to stay updated with the latest trending topics. It also makes you aware of Google Algorithmic updates which increase marketers productivity in problem-solving.
Reading articles implies not only for digital marketing but also for other Career in which you are in, so go ahead and read articles from Google 🙂

2. Be Influencers of Companies

Who are Influencers in Marketing?
Influencers are those individuals who are Popular Individuals in their social field as a Promoter of Company and the company rewards him/her with Monetary or Non-monetary rewards.

You are Not Learning Digital Marketing unless and until you are practicing it.

When I thought about to be a digital marketer, I thought that without being a part of a company as an intern or as an Influencer I wouldn’t be able to practically learn to Grasp ‘What I learned or what I read?’

Only reading articles and the Theory part will not boost your Productivity, make sure You become an Influencers of Companies. Being an Influencer will help you to learn what Companies expect from Marketers, also you will able to practice what you learned from Articles. Influencers Learn while receiving awesome returns/Incentives from the Company. Incentives are can be paid as Monetary or Non-monetary rewards by companies.

Influencers have great potential to Market a Brand or a product or a Service. Because being an influencer help you know ‘What company is expecting from us?’.

The company will give you simple tasks to market their product or service via Social media or by a word of mouth. But, most of the time the companies tell you to market from Social media.
For instance: I’m an influencer of XYZ company, XYZ will tell me to promote their new ABC product via Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Quora and tell me to send Screenshots as proofs.

3. Search for FREE Courses:

One major thing is that you should Search for FREE courses on Google. There are tons of FREE courses available on the internet. See, the Internet is huge and Digital marketing is Booming currently and it is the preferred most-sought career nowadays. FREE courses allow you to know the basics of digital marketing. And once you’re done with basics, you will know what exactly happening in your Digital world 😉

Basic FREE courses source can be Udemy, Skillshop (Google), Hubspot and a lot more.

4. Learn digital skills provided by Google Skillshop:

Google Skillshop is one of the greatest course platforms by google. Google announced its Official Certification for learners. Because Google is the only dominating market in the World.
Their courses are Basically related to Google Ads. Google Ads is one of the leading Ad Publisher in the World on Sites like Google.com, Youtube and their Partner sites, so these courses provide a Detailed about how Google Ads works.

And Skillshop Google will not only help you to learn but also you will get a Certificate by Google!

5. Attend Seminars and Webinars Regarding Digital Marketing:

If you really want to know how this field is Evolving, then you should Probably attend a Seminar or Watch Recorded Webinar on youtube.
Watching a seminar or webinar will add great value to your knowledge about marketing. It will teach you how to Interact with Top Industry leaders and What’s Going in this Field. 😉


I had written this article for those who Want to enter their first step in Digital marketing.
But, This article is based on FREE Learning for Digital marketing, I will Write and Publish another similar article on ‘How you can be the Master of Digital Marketing via PAID form i.e. Learning Digital marketing Paid.

That’s All for today guys.
Today, you got to know that “How to Learn Digital Marketing for FREE”. I had written this Article considering my Qualification and Experience.

Thank you for your Precious time spending on my Article. I hope you found it helpful!

Any Questions or Feedback are Welcomed in the Comments section 🙂

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