Truth behind Marketing and Personal Branding

The Truth behind Marketing and Personal Branding

Last updated on July 1st, 2021 at 08:17 am

Howdy Reader🙋‍♂️, I’m Harish. I hope you are fine.😃
Do you know the real truth of marketing and personal branding?
Well, if you don’t, I have some cool stuff to share with you.
Stick to this and you’ll love it…😎

Law of Marketing

Fundamentals of Marketing?

Marketing is all about science and packed with lots of principles📚. Some say it is also about Creativity. It is never creativity until and unless it solves your prospects’ pain.

Every ad or even word of mouth hits different in your mind, telling us to buy that product or service because it gives you immense satisfaction and relieves the pain from your psychic. Acts as a Temporary Painkiller💉 until we buy that.

Current Need?🤔

The process of marketing always initiates before getting a particular product ready.
Even marketers one day sit and think on such questions:

  1. What kind of product customers need?
  2. What they’ll feel about such a product?
  3. Will it solve their problem?
  4. What would be the impact on the existing product?🤔
    Marketers should always brainstorm🧠⚡ in such a way that it fits todays’ need of potential prospects.

Happy Go Lucky Customer❤️

Marketing doesn’t end or stop at selling.🛑
The major effort comes into the role when the brand continuously keeps him/her for life. That is, Keeping that existing customer happy always.😍

Look around you🧐, you’ll see each and every brand will try to make you happy🤩. And ultimately, one day you’ll add yourself to their recurring customer list if you love their creations and innovations.😄
And we call it Brand Loyalty. (continuously purchasing from the same brand over and over again)

Hostgator Optimized WordPress

Capturing a Position in Prospects’ minds🖼️🧠

Positioning is also much more important than selling. Selling is just a part of Sales which happens after marketing efforts.
But Positioning is almost everything, it’s about creating the owner’s viewpoint in prospects’ minds. People can recognize🤔 Apple devices more easily even in crowded areas due to their unique positioning✨ than any other smartphone📱 brand out there in the market.

Now, let’s look at the real facts of Digital as well as Traditional marketing

Digital Marketing💻 V/s Traditional Marketing📣. Who is the best?

Now, taking a closer look at India🧐. We all know each and every country is divided into Urban, Semi-Urban, and Rural areas. Same in the case of India, Urban areas have access to Modern TVs📺, Wi-fi connection📶, 1 smartphone for every household member📱.

While in semi-urban and rural areas, we can still notice that such areas don’t have proper communication facilities which ultimately becomes a barrier for brands to reach. However, you can see the change gradually shifting towards Digitalization📈.
Radios and Newspapers are also the best way to enter rural markets. - Ready to Get Online

Your Product/service is Generic?📦

Before running ads and campaigns for your product or service, make sure to ask yourself this question. “My solution to prospects pain is generic or it is extraordinary?”🤔

Marketers directly start running ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and then they later realize that my audience never exists on such platforms.🤦‍♂️
This leads to a Waste of Time, Money, and Energy!

If your product is generic and can be consumed/used by all segments, you should probably choose such a medium that will cater to everyone.
For example, Samsung smartphones, anyone can become a user of it, whether it is Grandparents, Parents, and Adults. Anybody will be able to operate it with basic smartphone knowledge✌️.

Products or services which cater or serve to all segments run their Ads on all mediums. You see such kind of ads on TVs, Social Media, display ad while reading an article📃

India is Having TVs in and over 197 million homes out of 298 million homes. TVs’ reach is still wider than Digital/Online. Launching different variants of commercials for TV is going to help you if your product or service is generic.
(Source: Wikipedia)

Radio is still a medium.📻

Yes, Radio isn’t dead yet…
Even today, My mom Switch ON and listens to the Radio📻 sharp at 5:30 in the morning and sometimes while doing household work. We even listen to it while having lunch and dinner. After listening to it over and over again, I learned one thing; Brands should create a voice-type ad for Radio channels.

I bet you’ve seen those commercials/ads in which senior citizens stick close towards that Radio. So, Brands can still target🎯 Senior citizens well.✌️

According to Financial Express, Radio has a reach of 65% of the total Indian Population!😳

This is an amazing idea. Because in Radio we can’t see the visual👀 part, however, brands can manipulate the prospects in such a way to relentlessly keep listening to the same ad and not getting distracted by other things in prospects’ life.🤔

A Day starts with Newspaper📰

When I was 8 I still remember that my Grandma/Grandpa used to collect the newspaper from that boy who drops in our safety door🗞️. And I used to sit beside Grandma holding the newspaper📰 with a cup of Tea☕ in bright sunlight.🌞

Even today Newspaper has a reach of 465 million people.👁️
(Source: Business-Standard)

It is still a good idea to print your ad in Newspaper. A lot of people do read newspapers even today.😉

Then what is the use of Digital Marketing, Harish?🤔

As I said earlier, if your product is too generic you should try Newspapers and Radio to focus on.

You should promote your product with Digital marketing as well. But, you know, Digital marketing is the best medium for the affluent💸 English-speaking segment.

If your product or service is Extraordinary, High Valued👑, then Digital Marketing is for you. You can’t create a Generic ad in a newspaper for your high-priced product. People will notice but they’ll just ignore your Polished ad because you chose the wrong segment to advertise🤷‍♂️.

Ever seen a Rolex ad in any Regional Newspaper?!
I bet you didn’t. The same logic is applied here as well.

CATT Marketing Funnel

Most people might be knowing what is Niche, right?

If you don’t, don’t worry.
Niche is something you love that matches your Talent, Passion and has a demand in the market.

For example, say you are a Graphic Designer. You have the Talent to create unbelievable graphics, you love your work i.e. having a passion for it, and there’s a high demand in the market for such Graphic Designers.

We all want to make Wealth right? So this is where this funnel comes into role.
But before that, Choose your Niche very carefully!

To utilize this funnel, the formula is ‘Wealth = n ^ CATT
n stands for Niche
^ stands for Power


We all know how a normal funnel looks like. It is wide open from the top and squeezed at the bottom.

Consider this funnel as your Marketing Journey, right from marketing to ultimate sale. Have a look at how it actually looks like:

CATT Marketing Funnel
My Drawing is not that Bad eh.😄

Now you can see that the whole funnel is divided into 4 stages:

  1. Content📃
  2. Attention👁️
  3. Trust🤝
  4. Transaction💰

Let’s have a look at all these stages in-depth:

  1. Content (C): The first stage is content, in which you have to create various types of Content around your Niche. It could be anything such as Blog Posts📝, FREE Webinars💻, Contests to collect Leads, etc.🧲
  2. Attention (A): This stage is diverting your potentials prospects/customers’ attention to your content👀. You can grab their attention by Paid Ads by Google, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, SEO, or even by referrals.
  3. Trust (T): As soon as they have shown interest in your content, make sure to build trust among them. Email them twice a week to build credibility.😃 Use Remarketing to turn their mind towards your product or service.
  4. Transaction (T): The final and Ultimate stage is getting the prospect converted into a Happy Customer😍💵.

If your Niche is correct✅ according to you, then you’ll generate more sales.💰

Integrated Digital Marketing🔃

You might be knowing that Digital Marketing is just a broader concept.

Under digital marketing, there are a lot of other kinds of individual concepts such as SEO🔍, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing📧, Content Marketing📝, Marketing Automation💻, etc.

Some business owners make the mistake of only using any 1 concept to promote.
Say, for example, If I’m only optimizing my site for Google🎛️ and not writing any content on my site, my site is a total blank…

What do you think? Will you stay here? The answer is, no one will.
Soon or later Google will penalize❌ my site for 0 Content. Everybody is hungry for new Content.

So, This is not going to work🙅‍♂️. You need to connect/Integrate all these concepts to advertise your products or services efficiently in the Online world. Then only you are going to see revenue shift.

Personal Branding👨‍💼: MassTrust Blueprint🗺️

Do you know Personal branding is more difficult than creating a Corporate Brand?🤔

Yes, Because in the process of branding an entity over the years, all employees👨‍💻 are working towards building it as a brand altogether in the market.
But No one will work under you to build your Brand. That’s the Harsh Reality.😃
Take my example, I’m Branding myself in this online world🌏 to become Digital Freelancer in Digital Marketing💻 in the coming years.

Pssst…🤫 Ask Google Assistant or Search🔍who is harish nemade?” on Google. You’ll only see this Harish in the Search results page from the whole world.😉 This is because I’m constantly trying to Build my own Brand in my Name.

Just Imagine… If this whole is written by Robot🤖 and not Harish.
I bet. You will abandon my site forever and won’t again visit my site.😄

The same applies here. People always want to hear from People and Not from brands or logos.🧐

There’s a blueprint named MassTrust Blueprint to build your own Personal Brand. Here’s how it is structured:

MassTrust Blueprint

Your 1st stage is Learning. It means Your way to Personal Branding Starts in the following manner:

  1. Learn📖
  2. Work👨‍💻
  3. Blog💻
  4. Consult👨‍💼
  5. Mentor👨‍🏫
  6. Startup🏢
  1. Learn: As we all know, learning never stops. Each day, each one of us is learning something new. So go ahead and try to learn a unique skill through videos, Read about it as much as you can. Develop a habit to learn more about 1 specific skill to Go with the Flow. Consistently practice that particular skill to make it sharp.💪
  2. Work: Try to implement what you’ve learned till now🔧 from the learning stage. Make use of it in the real world.🎨 Once you apply it practically, gradually you can notice your success and errors well. You can apply it in your Job/Internship/Freelancing/Own Projects. Overall, you’ll get a better understanding of that skill.✌️
  3. Blog: Create a Blog for free and write📝 what you’ve learned and implemented. Share your experience and results with a like-minded audience or community👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. While writing, you’ll automatically/indirectly initiate your personal branding journey.😉
  4. Consult: As you kept writing over and over again on your blog about experiences and results; Your audience will recognize you as a personal brand for your work. Now, you can Consult with some other business. As you have gained value✨ over time by practicing continuously, other firms will identify you as an Authoritative person in a particular Skill/Industry. Instead of a fixed job, charge your advice via Consultation.
    Being a Consultant, you’ll achieve a sense of freedom😌 and can balance Work-life much efficiently.
  5. Mentor: In Mentoring stage, you will be capable to teach/mentor 100s or even 1000s of students at a time. This will help you scale yourself in Digital Mentoring as well.👨‍🏫
    Design or Structure your Digital mentoring in such a way, that they should think they’re going to get a lot of value from it.😊
    Remember, Digital Mentoring is Consulting X 100
  6. Startup: Imagine this stage like the Self-Actualization stage in Maslow’s Hierarchy theory. This is the stage in which you are going to launch your very own product or services under your name. This will boost🚀 your Personal Branding to a whole new level✌️

So, This is all about MassTrust Blueprint.
All these 6 Stages will help you build your very own Personal Brand more efficiently than ever before.👑

Marketing is actually a game🎮 of Perceptions. Each and every ad from various Brands try to manipulate our behavior and play with our Brain in many ways.🧠

We later realize this thing and end up saying, “Ah, They fooled me very well!“😅

I hope now you got the real Truth Behind Marketing and Personal Branding i.e. MassTrust Blueprint.😃

Congratulations!🎊 Give a pat on your back. You have learned something unique today.😎

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Thank you for your precious time!
Bye… Have a Nice Day!😃

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